Examiner Opportunities

The Fellowship Examination is created and delivered in large part by the dedication and hard work of over 250 dental specialists who volunteer their time and effort to the examination process.

The recruitment of new Examiners is an ongoing process. Fellows are therefore encouraged to apply at any time.

Position Description

Each dental specialty has an examination team which creates and delivers an examination once a year. These examination teams are led by a Chief Examiner and are composed of Examiners who contribute in a variety of ways.

Application Process

If after reviewing the Examiner position description, you are interested in volunteering at The Royal College of Dentists of Canada, please complete and submit the application form. You will be asked to provide personal as well as professional information, and two professional references. A current CV, which is to be uploaded electronically, is also required.

Please note that your application will only be submitted once you’ve clicked on the “Submit” button.

You will receive confirmation of receipt from the College within five business days of submitting your application form. Each application will be reviewed by your specialty’s Chief Examiner and the Examiner-in-Chief. Your professional references may be contacted at any time during your application review. You can expect to receive a status update on your application within a few weeks of applying.

Please direct any questions or concerns to Mr. Kyle Todt, Director of IT & Assessments, who can be reached by email at ktodt@rcdc.ca.