Examination Protocol

The Fellowship Examination will test candidates’ clinical decision-making. More specifically, candidates’ ability to assess, treat, and understand probable outcomes. The cases used in the Fellowship Examination tend to be “typical” cases that a practicing specialist would treat in clinical practice.

Due to the evolving restrictions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the Fellowship Examination will be administered virtually in 2022.

The virtual examination will maintain the original case-based format of the in-person examination, but most specialty candidates will be able to sit from a place they feel most comfortable and have access to a stable internet connection.

FDI Two-Digit Tooth Numbering Chart

Candidate Misconduct

The policy document Statement of Policy and Procedure: Candidate Misconduct outlines in detail the procedures associated with managing alleged candidate misconducts. 

Examination Results

Candidates may view their results on their RCDC account within 45 days of the Examination; only a Pass or Fail notice will be published. Unsuccessful candidates may initiate a Formal Review of their Examination results in the event that significant procedural irregularities negatively impacted their performance. Within 15 days from the communication of Examination results, Head Office must electronically receive completed requests that include: i) a written statement that clearly outlines the alleged procedural errors, and ii) the payment authorization form for the administrative fee corresponding to the stage of appeal in question.

As part of this review, the College will consider the candidate’s statement outlining the alleged procedural irregularities, available documentary evidence, and examination marks. The policy document Statement of Policy and Procedure: Formal Reviews outlines in detail the procedures associated with such requests.  

Preparing for the Virtual Examination

The following resources have been made available to help candidates prepare for technical aspects of the virtual examination.

Resource 1: Preparing the Physical Environment

This resource outlines the requirements for the physical testing space that candidates must adhere to.

Resource 2: Technical Requirements

This resource outlines the hardware, software, and network requirements for the Fellowship Examination.

Resource 3: Navigating the Examination Platforms

This resource provides an orientation for the software applications being used to deliver the Fellowship Examination platform.

Resource 4: Troubleshooting Guide and Contingency Procedures

This resource outlines the contingency procedures and guidelines for candidates sitting the Fellowship Examination.

Candidate Practice Sessions

Candidate credentialed to sit the 2022 Fellowship Examination will be required to schedule a practice session prior to their examination day.