September 14, 2021 8:30 PM ET



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Dr. Vinay BhideRoot Coverage Procedures – What Does the Evidence Really Tell Us?

Perhaps no other subject has been more popular in the discipline of periodontology over the past two decades  than periodontal plastic surgery. Indeed, surgical correction of gingival recession and other mucogingival deformities around natural teeth has been shown to be a predictable therapeutic modality. However, we cannot always apply the same technique in all areas of the mouth and expect consistent outcomes, as each region has its own nuances. This presentation will critically evaluate the evidence with respect to root coverage outcomes and demonstrate why a site specific approach for treating gingival recession must be considered.

Dr. Jim LaiShould Dental Implant Therapy be Biologically-Guided?

Dental implant therapy has been successful in the rehabilitation and maintenance of oral function, comfort, appearance and health of patients who are missing teeth.  An interdisciplinary approach is critical to long term success. This webinar will explore two biological concepts that clinicians need to consider for implant therapy. The first concept is the biological principle of ensuring maximum conservation of teeth and maximum preservation of the alveolar bone. The second concept is to understand the long-term biological consequences of implant therapy. These biological concepts will impact and guide the implant treatment planning process. There needs to be a balance between these biological concepts with mechanically based, prosthetically driven principles for implant therapy.  

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