November 29, 2022 8 PM ET



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Dr. Peter C. Fritz The Dental Specialist in Turbulent Times

External forces were squeezing dental specialists to undergo an unscheduled transformation. The VUCA world was upon us, and we were experiencing a level of Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity in our disciplines like never before. And then the pandemic arrived.

Engagement, markets and your workforce have never been more demanding. As much as we would like to recapture the relative simplicity of how it once was, that ship has sailed. Suppose the goal is to keep dental specialists relevant in the dental landscape of tomorrow. In that case, we must apply a different focus to remain essential and purposeful in the eyes of our patients and collaborative partners.

Having benchmarked with top specialty clinics in more than 25 countries across the globe, it is apparent that only a peer best understands the demands, struggles, and challenges of leading a successful specialty practice.  However, to meet the future, we can’t simply reinvent what has worked in years past, we must develop a revolutionary approach and borrow tactics from industries we might never have considered that would parallel our operating model.

This lecture will review the competitive environment in which we operate and foster a candid and evidence-based analysis of where dental specialists are headed and how to lead the way.  We will discuss innovative strategies that allow specialists to adapt and adjust to meet the current struggles and to align their teams by leveraging information and relationships.  Finally, we will reveal how belonging to a trusted network of peers, such as the RCDC, can help us to thrive and discover meaningful opportunities in the VUCA world.

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Dr. Peter C. Fritz

St. Catharines, ON


Dr. Reena Talwar-Povoledo

Edmonton, AB