April 30, 2024 8 PM ET



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We are pleased to welcome three graduate students from University of Toronto presenting on topics in Endodontics.

Dr. Emily Bishop and Dr. Dani Stein-Meyerson – Exploring the Efficacy of Regenerative Endodontics – Case Presentations.

Regenerative endodontics has emerged as a promising field in endodontics, offering a novel approach to treat immature permanent teeth with necrotic pulp and open apices. These two case presentations outline the application of regenerative endodontic procedures in two patients presenting with a necrotic pulp and periapical lesion in mandibular premolars. These cases underline the potential of regenerative endodontics in promoting tissue regeneration and functional recovery in immature teeth with pulp necrosis, offering a conservative alternative to traditional root canal therapy.

Dr. Daniel Cho-Kee – Retrospective Analysis of Sodium Hypochlorite Accidents Characterized by CBCT and Survey: Identification of Risk Factors

To report the factors affecting the incidence and progress of SHAs using cone beam computed tomography scans and a modified survey. Twenty-four clinicians who experienced a SHA on an adult patient while undergoing endodontic treatment on a permanent mature tooth were recruited. All clinicians submitted anonymous patient information including age, sex, and small field CBCT scans but only nineteen sent the additional modified surveys which collected supplementary information on patient demographics, clinician technique, and SHA manifestation and management.

This webinar will be moderated by Dr. Bettina Basrani.

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Dr. Emily Bishop

Toronto, ON


Dr. Dani Stein-Meyerson

Toronto, ON


Dr. Daniel Cho-Kee

Toronto, ON


Dr. Bettina Basrani

Toronto, ON